Is a 24 hour/ 7 days back up service included?

In the unlikely event your vehicle breaks down, a 24 hour/ 7 days back up service is included in the price. You will receive 2 emergency numbers upon pick up to ensure you don’t loose to much holiday time. Should the vehicle not be repairable in a short time, you will receive a replacement vehicle within 24 hours.


How old are the vehicles and how many kilometers do they have on ?

We have a special deal with our suppliers and no vehicle is rented out to our clients that’s older than 2 years or has more than 100 000km on. By this we try to ensure that our clients receive the best possible vehicle.


Into which countries can the vehicles be taken from Namibia?

Most suppliers only allow the vehicles to be taken into South Africa and Botswana. Should someone however need to go to Zimbabwe or Zambia, we can organize vehicles to be taken into these countries, the vehicles will however be a bit more expensive.


Do you offer standard waivers?

No, we have a special deal with our suppliers and all vehicles include super cover waivers at no extra cost to the client.


Can you help us to book accommodation and campsites?

Yes, if you have booked a vehicle with us, we will book any accommodation or campsite free of charge to our clients. The accommodation and campsites must however be paid 30 days prior to your arrival or visit our partner website:

Diesel or Petrol?

We often get asked what is better and what is available. We don’t know up until a day or two if you will receive a petrol or diesel vehicle. In low season we can however try and allocate a engine type of your choosing. Both diesel and petrol are readily available and it will not make much of a difference which type you receive.


Are gravel roads dangerous?

Gravel roads are perfectly safe and most accidents happen due to speeding. Take your time and don’t drive over the speed limit. Not all gravel roads are the same and you need to adjust your driving in some cases. Most important, take your time and don’t rush or try and drive to far in one day.


Do you own your vehicles?

No, we are a rental agency making use of only the most reputable car rental business with a long track record. We can therefore assure our clients that they will get the best possible vehicle and price.